Confidence can be practiced and it is never too late to learn behaviors that will help us go through everyday life more confidently.

That’s why today I have 7 strong thoughts for your self-confidence.


Make your inner light shine.

7 strong thoughts for your self-confidence:

  • Bring on the strengths. What are your strengths? Write it down now!
  • Trust in your strong self! Again and again you solved problems. Think about what you have already mastered in your life. Write it down now!
  • Be authentic! You should like yourself. It’s OK if not everyone likes you. Stand by yourself be authentic, naughty & amp; confident.
  • Let’s shed the perfectionism! You don’t have to be the best at everything. Take a look at the whole package and at your personality.
  • You deserve it! Of course you have! No longer be humble and sell yourself below value. Stand by yourself, your achievements, your kindness and abilities.
  • There is no limit for you! Banish borderline thinking from your life. Allow yourself to have big dreams and wishes. Everything is possible.
  • I can do anything I want! Banish the sentence I can’t do it and transform it into: I can do anything I want! You can learn anything. Trust in you!

Start implementing your strong thoughts

Now you know the 7 strong thoughts for more self-confidence. I hereby invite you to implement it. Give yourself a few minutes to yourself. Take a paper, journal or iPad and a pen and write down your personal thoughts on the individual points.

You will find a meditation for self-love on my Youtube Channel – this meditation can help you through the process.

I wish you a wonderful day full of opportunities.



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