The journey is the goal 💫

Wow, today I’m making a huge milestone. I am so happy and grateful that my homepage is online today.


Let your inner light shine

I am here to support you to renew your life through:

  • Gaining self-confidence
  • Sharpening your vision
  • Embracing and overcoming your challenges
  • and leisurely reaching your goals.

Here I will share with you my passion!

More self-love with Yoga.

Yoga has accompanied me through the various phases of my life for over eight years. As a result,tremendous changes have happened to me: I have gained muscle, balance, mindfulness and self-love. As a result I feel much more balanced, happy and satisfied. I have learned that life belongs to me and that the world is open for me.

Going through everyday life with ease and joy is my attitude to life and I would like to share this energy with you here.

I love getting people excited about yoga and sharing my knowledge.

About my time in Egypt and Diving

I spent the past 3 years in Egypt where I worked as a yoga instructor in addition to my work as a diving instructor. The pandemic has caused me to lose my job and I have had to come back to Germany. Five days after my return, I started working in Luxembourg as a nurse in the Covid 19 healthcare department.

During that time, I saw how nice it is to be there, working with special people. Being a trained nurse, I realized that my dedication for others has always been a part of me. It is also nice to see that one can always come back home to one’s family, and that there is a solution for everything.

Shortly after that, I moved to Luxembourg. From there my travels led me to my hometown of trier. It was wonderful being able to strengthen my roots and to be closer to my family and friends after such a long trip abroad.
Coincidentally, I met my soulmate, which consequently made me divert my trip to France. We live there together now. In France I created and built my online yoga studio, my own design studio and my home.

I love traveling and discovering new cultures and I will definitely travel around the world a lot in the future.

Now I hope I have given you a little impression of me.

Here I will post inspiring articles for you in the future.


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